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The country-style we are offering you is made of stone (can sleep up to 5 people), and is completely renovated- it has characteristic wood finished interiors (mostly of oak chestnut)and is designed to comfortably take advantage of the total space available in the maximum possible way, (36sqm) whilst still maintaining its charm.



The cottage includes:

A cosy environment with a closed fireplace on the ground floor, which keeps the entire house warm; a self contained kitchen; a sofa and a sofa bed and a 21inchTV with satellite and DVD player.



On the first floor there’s a double room with a double bed and a bunk bed, along with a bathroom with shower.



At the front end of the house you can enjoy the beautiful balcony with the “Rio Pelago” Canyon view.



There’s a storeroom under the balcony, which stores all mountain gear needed and you’ll also find a laundry. There’s a grill and BBQ area adjacent(firewood available upon request). The country cottage comes completely equipped with all utensils necessary (kitchen utensils, iron and ironing table, torch etc) including wood to burn in the fireplace, bed linen, bath and kitchen towels (cleaned and replaced at your request).














We advise our guests to always bring a torch with them in the evenings, as the only lighting in the area is that of the cottage. We would also like to advise our guests that there is no phone coverage in the area and therefore in case of emergency or to be contacted, you will be able to use the landline of the house adjacent, there’s a public phone in the bar-restaurant “IL Nido Dell’Aquila”,roughly 200mt from the cottage.

If you should so desire, for extended stays, we offer a cleaning service once a week.

All pets are welcome.


“DaVitalina” Farm



Our farm is a family owned business, passed down from generations of pastors, and so we carry out our mission with much love and passion for nature and animals. We have a herd of goats (approx 150 depending upon the season), some cows, pigs, rabbits, goats, and sheep along with 5 fine dogs that have an important job to do, alongside their pastor.

All activities are carried out with the focus on the well being of animals and following their natural routines. Every morning after having carried out certain daily tasks(depending upon the season), the herd is accompanied to the pastures in the woods surrounding the “Orrido di Botri” area and is led to the stables in the evening.

Milking is undertaken manually and the dairy products obtained from the diverse processes undertaken on our farm, are totally natural (ricotta cheese made from goats cheese is a product which is highly sort after along with the cheese called: “primo sale” fresh cheese).

The production period is from April to October, whereas during the remaining months, the milk reproduced by animals is used for weaning the unborn. We are therefore able to equally obtain a minimum production of milk except for brief periods where we totally cease all activity.

Dairy products are sold directly to the public and all sales are managed internally within the farm.

It is possible to visit the herd and assist in the various tasks performed on the farm upon request, naturally however respecting the biological rhythms and times of the both the pastors and the animals.



ControneriaCapretto (Goats bred in the Controneria area)


“Capretto of the Controneria” refers to meat from either male or female kid, produced by goats bred locally and anagrafically registered in the constitution on behalf of A.I.A and bred according to the regulations of the current laws.

Production zones:
The geographic area of production of “capretto of the controneria” covers the entire territory of the locality of Bagni di Lucca.

Breeding techniques:
The goats destined to produce the “capretto” must be bred in a semi-bred state(in order to register the brand), in the pastures within the production zone, to finally guarantee the necessary variety of wild essences neededfrom its original rustic characteristics in the healthy diet of this population of goats.
The “kid” must be fed maternal milk until butchery; it should preferably follow its mother grazing and its diet based on milk may be integrated only with the same elements utilized by its mother.

The male and female kids must be butchered at the tender age of between 40 and 60 days. The kid’s carcasses are generally 6 to 10kg, all without head and internal organs.

Packaging and labelling:
“Capretto of the Controneria” meat must be put on the market for the supply of the consumer with a particular brand or seal and guarantee of its origins and identification of the product.


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